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A fun safe place to learn

I provide for all parts of the child’s developments: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. I will encourage independence, self-confidence.


We will provide a loving, safe, happy, interesting and healthy environment for all ages during the time their parents have entrusted them to us. Our primary emphasis will be to keep children happy and engaged in activities that interest them and to maintain a caring personable staff.


A leader in early childhood education, ensuring that every child and family thrives.


Providing a happy and secure environment. Promoting and Fostering warm and caring relationships. Encouraging growth within each child treating them as individuals. Providing Health Nutritional meals. Working hand in hand with parents. Providing Stimulating educational programs.

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About Us

Established in 1998.

The history of the business: I am a working school teacher that knows how important it is to stay close to your children; so, I took my teaching home and built a school for parents to go off to work and not worry. Little did I know how fun it would become to see my parents pick up their children and not want to go home but stay with the new friends they have made. All day they get so much learning done. Parent involvement is not just encouraged, it’s required.

What We Offer?



Your 1 – 24 month old will thrive in a warm, caring environment with plenty of age-appropriate activities



Your active toddler will have the time and space to develop those walking, running, and climbing skills.

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Your 3-4 year-old will enjoy creative, fun activities while developing the skills needed to enter Kindergarten

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